Neat and Tangled July 2018 Release Day 4: Crafting With Compassion + Introducing Celebrate You


Today is unusual day of N&T Release. First of all all products are already available at the shop!
And the most important is that today Danielle shares something very personal on the blog. 
Her father was diagnosed with a condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), which is an unimaginable disease. Sadly, it has earned the nickname "The Suicide Disease", as the physical, mental, and emotional pain that it brings often becomes too much to bear. Here is a video sharing the story of 2 CRPS sufferers that paints a clear picture of life with this disease:

Fortunately she found the way to ease his pain and get recovered. Please head to the blog to check the whole story.

Now Danielle want to help people with the same disease so you are welcome to join Crafting with Compassion.

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